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Crowdfunding RSS [★★★★★]

We here at CrowdfundingRSS ❤LOVE you guys❤.If you find our service usefull tell your friends about us so they might enjoy it too. By doing that you are helping us build the best crowdfunding digest site. 📢 Invite them NOW.

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Pika, learn & play with camera vision! (Age 5+ / iOS)

[★★★★★] Pika is a robot friend who sits on your smartphone. It wants to learn from your child by exploring the world together using the camera. Kickstarter - Apps Creator of project: Pika Vision Project goal: £18,000 like | dislike

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The world's first smart back sensor | Real-time analysis

[★★★★★] Detect, analyze and improve your posture and movements and redesign your every day’s life for sustainable back health Kickstarter - Wearables Creator of project: 8sense Project goal: €25,000 like | dislike

Read more - bringing awareness to information accountability

[★★★☆☆] We are developing an interactive learning platform so that current and future generations have the tools to fight fake news! Kickstarter - Software Creator of project: Project goal: $20,000 like | dislike

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